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Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Rebecca Knowles MS, RN


As a mother and Nurse, Rebecca has seen how precious life is and how devesting the loss of a loved one can affect your life. Our mission after finding our son dead in bed at the age of 7, from an undiagnosed cardiac issue; LQTS was the reason why this program was started. Supporting those who are facing loss, a new health crisis, and questioning "why"is the motivation behind the programs we offer. This is our way of giving back to others as our son was given his


Mark Knowles EMT


As a father, Firefighter, EMT Mark knows first hand that seconds matter.  With the assistance of his wife Rebecca, they decided that providing education and support to the community was pivotal to saving more lives.  Since 2009 Mark and Rebecca have taught over 10,000 kids and community members CPR/AED, providing families in need with life-saving AEDs.


Cameron Knowles


Cameron has beaten the odds and given a second chance at life. With the assistance of all that helped him, he has been proud to be the face of all that our program does for the community.  Cameron teaches CPR, has been awarded Youth Citizen of the Year and a DO the Right Thing recipient in 2019 and most of all he is devoted his life to service by being a volunteer fireman.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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